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ARM926-CB is a cost-effective System-on-Module (SoM) thought of to drastically reduce the development time needed to design a low-power and low-EMI Linux Embedded device.

WT51822-S4AT is a high performance ,low power radio transmit and receive system module use Nordic BLE 4.0 nRF51822-QFAA as the controller chips. It has the smallest volume package in the industry, the size is 18.5*9.1*2.0, suitable for most applications which pay more attention to the size. The module integrate the complete standard low energy Bluetooth 4.0 protocol stack S100 drive.


WT OBD has a built-in GPS antenna and is a compact unit in small volume. Small ODB devices are easy to be installed and their antenna is difficult to be damaged. But the covers of the devices weaken the signals inevitably though this issue can be resolved by prolonging lines. WT OBD can check the automobiles to obtain the real-time running status and then determine the driving habit (e.g., rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp swing, and speeding) based on the statistics data with the help of the 3D sensor. In addition, it can precisely calculate the energy consumption and mileage. It supports standard OBD communications protocols.

The smart bicycle light is kind of bicycle light which can be controled by phone APP.It link to the phone by bluetooth and also can link several lights into a group by RF module.