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E-cigarette Solution

Compared with traditional electronics, via BLE module and mobile terminal APP cooperation, BLE electronic cigarettes new features are:

1. History memory. Electronic cigarette set time and phone time synchronization, record every smoking time, reflect individual's smoking habits;

2. Control the amount of smoke. Electronic cigarette can set the smoke volume base on personal smoking preferences;

3. Healthy smoking / smoking cessation schedule. Set weekly smoking schedule and set the number of daily smoking (once over plan limit, the electronic cigarette won’t lighten up), thus helping smokers who want to quit smoking, by gradually reduces the daily smoke.

4. Battery statue and management.  Mobile phones APP can check e-cigarette consumption, and set reminders values. Once the power is low, the charge will be reminded. The remaining life of the electronic cigarette also can be estimated by the battery charge cycles.

5. Secret security. Set a password to protect personal privacy;

6. Cloud health management. Upload the smoke records to the cloud server, access health management recommendations