ZigBee Light Link Solution
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ZigBee Light Link Solution

1.1 ZM100-HUB function

1)Light information management: add, change and delete light information. Light information include MAC address, short communication address, light name, which room is the light located etc;

2) Timed task: Users can timing control the light;

3) Control the controller: real-time query whether the light is online and corresponding process;

4) PC end and mobile command frame analysis and processing;

5) Data transmission with remote server to support remote control;

6) Controller communication’s data processing;

7) Backup the important data of the controller;

8) WiFi hotspot support.

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2.1 Light end devices

Light end device type is ALL(include end device,router), they communicate with standard ZLL(Zigbee Light Link)



3.1   PC end and phone end APP software integrated with LAN control and remote control.


1)      Single light control:Basic function, control a single light

2)      Group control: put some lights in one group,and control them like a single light

3)      Broadcast: control all the lights in connect

4)      Timer: control the open time and color of the lights as your wish.

5)      Different profiles: Depending on the scenario, the user can select the appropriate    scene modeSystem has some common scene modes, the user can also set their own favorite scenes, and then save to add a new profile.